Country Team

Gloria Arlini headshot

Gloria Arlini

Acting Chief Operating Officer
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Nancy Ip headshot

Nancy Ip

Senior Manager, Curriculum & Instruction
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Bethany Lee headshot

Bethany Lee

Senior Programme Manager
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Caroline Rogers headshot

Caroline Rogers

Programme Manager
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Ella Sun headshot

Ella Sun

People, Culture and Volunteer Manager
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Kevin Tan headshot

Kevin Tan

Senior Manager, Employer Partnership & Placements
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Mavis Tong headshot

Mavis Tong

Associate Programme Manager
Leslie Wallensteiner headshot

Leslie Wallensteiner

Corporate Communications Lead
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Hongyi  Wong headshot

Hongyi Wong

Curriculum and Instruction Lead
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Global Team (Singapore-based)

Iyan Librata headshot

Iyan Librata

Finance and Admin Lead (APAC)
Zhen Ting Lim  headshot

Zhen Ting Lim

Global Mentorship Manager
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Christine Liu headshot

Christine Liu

Global Design Manager/ Online Learning Specialist
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Leadership and Board

Jeremy Fox headshot

Jeremy Fox

CEO, Asia-Pacific & Board Member
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Wendy Chua headshot

Wendy Chua

Board Member
Neeraj Seth headshot

Neeraj Seth

Board Chairman
Ju Min Wong headshot

Ju Min Wong

Board Member
Fadhilah Abdul Rahman Zamawi headshot

Fadhilah Abdul Rahman Zamawi

Board Member