Shahnaz Farveen

Programme Associate

Shahnaz Farveen, a Psychology graduate from Murdoch University, has always been fascinated by the remarkable diversity of the human mind. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's quote, 'No two men are absolutely alike, not even twins, yet there is much that is indispensably common to all mankind', Shahnaz chose to pursue this major to understand how each individual is truly unique.
This deep fascination led her to Generation Singapore where she passionately believes in the mission of bringing together individuals from different walks of lives and providing opportunities for life-changing careers. This was seamlessly aligned with her personal mission of celebrating individual differences.
In her role as a Programme Associate with Generation, Shahnaz aims to acknowledge and celebrate the uniqueness of each learner. She aspires to be a trustworthy friend and a supportive cheerleader as they take the leap of faith to rediscover their interests and aspirations.