Aina Sapari

Programme Associate

Aina graduated from Yale-NUS College with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Global Affairs. She was inspired to pursue further education upon realising she needed to expand her vocabulary and knowledge about systemic issues that underpin the many inequalities all over the world. Prior to college, Aina interned with AWARE Singapore, which taught her the importance of melding ground-up research on policies and services in pursuit of advocacy. She then stayed on as an associate producer for the award-winning narrative podcast, Saga, that is available on Spotify. She also was the past co-coordinator for CAPE (Community for Advocacy and Political Education), a student organisation that seeks to improve political literacy amongst youths in Singapore.

Her interest in empowering communities and realising aspirations for a better future led her to find Generation. As part of the organisation, she hopes to continue providing targeted support for communities all over Singapore. At the same time, she hopes to remain sharp-witted and strategic in how non-profits and government bodies should approach changing the tides of inequality. Ultimately, Aina aims to stand out as a trusted friend, ally, and cheerleader for Generation's Learners and beyond.

When she's not lost in imagination, Aina works hard and plays hard. She loves playing games, learning new arts and crafts (e.g., polymer claymaking, crocheting, digital illustration), and watching YouTube commentaries on literally anything!