Shannah Teo

Employer Partnership and Business Development Lead

Shannah believes in the individual’s potential for growth and is deeply passionate about guiding and connecting people for success. She has served in the Education space for over 20 years, with the last 12 years in pivotal management roles, orchestrating impactful partnerships with diverse companies, spearheading career-related programmes, and fostering growth and development for both youth and adult learners.

She started her career as a teacher in Secondary and Pre-University curriculum. Driven by the desire to develop resources to better connect students with relevant progression opportunities, she joined the private education sector, focusing on partnerships and business development. For 3 years, she managed Work-and-Study programmes, collaborating with Mendaki, CDAC and various businesses to facilitate the career progression of disadvantaged Singaporeans. Further on for more than 8 years, she worked for CIEE (an American institution) as their Singapore Site Director where she coordinated career-related programmes with universities across the globe and established over 200 industrial partnerships. After facing retrenchment due to the COVID'19 pandemic, she had the chance to give back to the Singapore community under an EduTech startup, by developing and driving a career support framework for Pace@NTU-SGUnited programmes and sourcing collaboration with companies to support retrenched and unemployed mid-career Singaporeans under SGUnited Tech programmes.

On the personal front, Shannah is also a certified counsellor with a Masters in Guidance and Counselling. She had been volunteering with Calvary Community Care in the last 2 years.