Leslie Wallensteiner

Corporate Communications Lead

Leslie enjoyed working in the communications field for the past 16 years prior to joining Generation. She started her career in creative production as a video producer for a broadcast media company for two years. She then moved to HSBC as an assistant manager for Learning Administration and Operations covering Asia Pacific and Europe.

In 2012, she transitioned to Singapore to serve in the social service sector leading the Corporate Communications team and overseeing multiple functions such as branding, PR, events, marketing, fundraising, volunteer and donor management as well as data protection. Leslie then joined Generation in 2021 as her new season of calling to serve in the employment sector. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Development Communication in University of the Philippines and took her masters in Communications Research.

Leslie is a fun-loving person who loves to meet new people and gets excited to hear their stories. She is passionate about helping the disadvantaged and vulnerable in the community as well as advocating for children’s rights. During her free time, you can find her relaxing in nature with her husband, teaching kids in Sunday school, painting, writing, reading books or daydreaming.