Our volunteers are integral to the work that we do, and together we make an impact on job seekers in Singapore. As part of our volunteer community, we seek to leverage your strengths and grow together with you while giving back meaningfully.

We go further, together.

“I think Generation Singapore is doing something really noble here. A lot of preparation is put into this mentorship programme — right from the start when I was given a video training for the mentors. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. I have learnt so much and all I wish for now is that my mentees get the job they want!”

Read Wenny’s experience as a Tech Mentor

1) Programme Mentor

Mentor for Tech Programs (Full Stack Development, Cloud, Data Engineering)

Our tech programs seek to train learners in entry level roles of Full Stack Development, Cloud Support and Data Engineering. As a mentor, you will play an integral role in supporting learners with technical questions and adapting a suggested mentor guide to the needs of the learner, discuss topics and share your experience related to general career counselling, employability support (eg. CV review, mock interviews), transitioning to and navigating workplace challenges.

Mentors will support learners to complete the program, find their next opportunity and advice on the job. Mentor training and guidance will be provided to support our mentors to conduct their sessions.


Minimally 6 months, ideally mentoring the learners up till 1 month of being on the job

  • Mentors can expect about 5-6 hours of time commitment a month, with minimally 1-hour mentor-mentee fortnightly check-ins required (could be weekly during peak periods). However, please note hours vary depending on the amount of support mentee requires.
  • Mentors and mentees can choose the timings suitable for them to hold meetings.
  • Mentors will be required to commit at least 4 hours to attend a live virtual mentor onboarding and review mentor resources on their own time.
  • Upon successful completion, we will provide you with a certificate of appreciation from Generation for your contribution.




  • Have at least 5 years of tech working experience, with role-related tech skills
  • Be based in Singapore
  • Be able to help learners in employability coaching (e.g. reviewing resumes, interview practice)
  • Be empathetic, patient, flexible and hands-on
  • Be very dedicated and committed to seeing your mentee succeed
  • Comfortable working with individuals who may have experienced various life challenges (e.g. retrenchment, financial difficulties)

2) Employability Coach

Employability Coaches support learners in individualised ad-hoc employability support to help them in their job applications known as “placement clinics”. You will assist in activities such as providing 1-1 feedback on resumes, portfolio reviews and mock interviews.


At least 2-3 hours a session, to be confirmed depending on the structure of the placement clinic




  • Preference for coaches to be recruiters or hiring managers in industries such as Tech, Digital Marketing, Healthcare, Service-related roles
  • Be based in Singapore

3) Tech Coach / Guest Speaker

Technical Coaches deliver technical masterclasses to share knowledge on a particular topic that value adds to learners’ understanding of their job roles. Topics for the masterclass should complement the curriculum and Generation will work closely with the coach on the outline. We are also open to Guest Speakers who may want to conduct workshops on topics like soft skills or wellbeing.


Ad-hoc, volunteers can expect at last 4-5 hours of time to prepare, create content and deliver each masterclass.




Volunteers should be experts in the masterclass topic. We are currently looking for volunteers in Full Stack Development, Data Engineering, Cloud Support and DevOps, Digital Marketing, Patient Service Associate, Customer Service Associate, Soft Skills, Wellbeing and Mental Health (if you have other topics in mind, feel free to reach out)

4) Adhoc Roles

Share with us what skillsets you have - Marketing, Admin, Copywriting, Photography, Operational Improvement, Finance, Legal etc. We would love to find a way to leverage your strengths for us to make an impact together in a project.



by the Generation team before you begin the volunteer tasks


Generation coordinators will be available for you to brainstorm or escalate any matters as you volunteer, and will also be proactively collecting your feedback on your mentees


Join a volunteer community with others from various backgrounds and expertise to share best practices and learnings from one another


“Thanks for providing me with a mentor. My mentor has been a great support throughout my bootcamp journey. Their in-depth knowledge and motivational talks gave me a lot of confidence to face my interviews. I am really thankful to them, “ Cloud2 Learner

“My mentor cares and takes initiative to check on us and we update him as and when things happen. What he shared during our meetings has helped me to perform well in my interviews and also helped me write out my learner’s profile. I am very thankful for him.”
JDE2 Learner

“My mentor is very prompt in answering our questions and very open to sharing. The way she prepped us for interviews was very useful and I believe it helped me in my interviews. She is very patient so we feel very comfortable to ask her anything, “ JDE1 Learner

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