Shair Ling Han

Placement Specialist

Shair Ling started her professional experience in Oil and Gas Conferences during her internship and moved on to be a Research Analyst in the Oil and Gas sector at the start of her career. However she studied Marketing in Business, and totally enjoys interacting personally with people, providing customer support way more than crunching data behind the computer. That led her venture into her decade of experience in various Recruitment and Human Resources/Training job roles which also allow her to find what she is specifically passionate about doing recruitment/human resources roles.

Believing in doing good and giving others a helping hand is something close to Shair Ling’s heart. She aims to be the buddy for job seekers going through transition careers and provide positive energy and encouragement to them in addition to matching them with suitable job opportunities . Naturally she is totally excited and really happy to have joined Generation as Placement Specialist.
When she has free time, Shair Ling enjoys singing, cooking, organising space and DIY cards making translation, emcee-ing and volunteering.