Callista | Jr Full Stack Developer

Marketer’s Metamorphosis: Journey of Upskilling into a Software Developer

Callista Lim, 27 yo, graduated with a degree in marketing. And for the past five years, she’s worked as a marketer in sports events and advertising. During her last employment, she got the opportunity to work closely with their company’s web developer, which started to spark her interest in software development. 

“So after I left my job, I didn’t know whether I wanted to continue as a marketeer because I was wondering how else I could add value to a company as a marketer

She then started her search for a software development upskilling programme that allows participants without prior background. That was when she learned about Generation’s #GetReadySG programme through a friend.

Short Yet Fulfulling Bootcamp

The bootcamp was a fulfilling three months, although it was short, and the learning curve was incredibly steep for me. But no doubt, it was very enriching. I value growth a lot. And when I’m learning, I’m constantly growing, that really gives me a lot of energy. That gives me a lot of fulfillment.

Callista also expressed her deep appreciation to her bootcamp lecturers, Jean and Brian, for always willing to go the extra mile to help and guide them. “Jean is always patiently explaining the tech concepts and helping me debug whenever I’m stuck in coding. 

“I’m also fortunate to be part of a supportive cohort. I think that that was a huge part of the bootcamp.”

Resources and Mentorship

“I’m glad to have the resources provided to us, not only during the lectures but, for example, the subscription to Code Academy, which really helped me a lot because I don’t have prior background. And they’re constantly getting feedback from us on how they can better support us.

A big shout out to my mentor, Sindura, from Microsoft. And she’s been a great help to me during my bootcamp or the apprenticeship phase. I’m still constantly keeping in touch with her, updating her on my progress, and seeking her advice. 

The support given to us is amazing!”

Apprenticeship – Bridge to Full-Time Job

Callista finds the apprenticeship a good opportunity, especially for her without prior background and just three months of bootcamp. This allowed her to have real-life experience and understand what it is like daily as a full-stack developer.

“During the apprenticeship, I definitely was able to apply what I learned during the bootcamp. That really sets the foundation, the basics of picking up the different languages.

Callista was converted to a full-time role as a Technical Business Analyst in her apprenticeship company and Generation’s employer partner, Capgemini.

Taking the Leap of Faith

“I took the leap of faith, and there’s no regret.”

“This programme helped push me to transition to another industry that I am passionate about and interested in. And without this, I wouldn’t be given the opportunities from employers.”

Generation and Microsoft did an excellent job developing this programme structure. We don’t only learn the tech skills taught during the three months; there will also be the soft skills, such as behavioural mindset, persistence, and growth mindset. 

Her advice to future learners is, “It’s totally okay not to have any prior background. It doesn’t dictate how far you will go. It’s about your mindset and how much effort you are willing to put in”