Hema| Patient Service Associate

Finding a New Calling During the Pandemic

Hema, a busy mom of three teenage boys, had various work experiences in the government sector, serving as an ICA officer, a teacher, a bank teller, and managing her own business before joining Generation’s pioneer cohort of Patient Service Associate programme,

But the global pandemic sparked a life change, leading her to pursue a new calling: a healthcare career.

The pandemic made Hema realise her desire to serve others. Inspired by healthcare workers, she knew this was her true passion. “I have immense respect for these unsung heroes,” she says. “Like them, I discovered that I love serving people and giving them my best.” This new found realisation led her to seek out upskilling courses in healthcare, ultimately finding Generation’s PSA course online.

“I gained invaluable insights during the bootcamp, learning about the dynamics of healthcare environments, patient care practices, and the professional standards we must uphold,” Hema remarked. “The hands-on and practical activities were particularly enriching, offering a tangible preview of real-life scenarios rather than mere theoretical knowledge.” She also cherished the support from her bootcamp peers and instructors.


Transitioning to Healthcare and Reaching New Heights

With Generation’s support, Hema smoothly secured a position as a clinic assistant at Republic Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd. right after her bootcamp graduation. Within a year, her dedication was rewarded with a promotion to Clinic Head.

“I feel secure in my job. There’s a deep sense of accomplishment, and I’m incredibly grateful,” she beams.

Switching to a new career also presented Hema with challenges, from acclimating to a different work environment to confronting her fears. She dedicated herself to familiarising with various medications, diagnoses, and effectively addressing patient inquiries.

“Navigating the unfamiliar healthcare culture required determination. I just told myself that I have to overcome this and there is nothing that I can’t do. I used to have a fear of blood, but now I see that every day. I overcame my fear, and that’s one good accomplishment for myself!

“Giving my best to the patients and the happiness I see in their eyes and the thankfulness from them make my day. Whatever struggles I went through, it gives me fulfilment seeing the fruit of my labour,” Hema shares.


Advice for Future Career Switchers

Hema offers heartfelt advice to aspiring career changers, encouraging them to persevere, “Keep striving and never give up! Surely, you will be rewarded in the near future for all the hard work. Be an exemplary person, stand out and be different in a good way.”

“Most importantly, set goals and embrace a growth mindset. Your success is all in your hands!'”