The IT sector remains as one of the bright spots in our economy, and skills in Programming, Coding, Data Engineering, Cloud and Software engineering are in high demand right now. The tech sector is experiencing fast growth despite the challenges of a pandemic, and with entry-level salaries starting from SGD3,000 – 4,500, it’s a fantastic career to consider — even if you’re not a tech expert just yet. Find out what type of role fits your skills and personality by taking our Where Do I belong in Tech quiz.


Q1) How would your friends most likely describe you?

A) Innovative and creative

B) You are great at finding a solution when no one else can

C) You embrace change and always like to keep on top of ‘what’s new’

Q2) How did you feel about Maths in school?

A) It’s a skill I can use but it’s not my passion

B) It was my favourite subject — algorithms and all

C) I studied it because It was a mandatory part of the curriculum

Q3) Out of the list below, which statement describes you the best?

A) Details are important as they help me to spot mistakes and patterns

B) I like getting stuck into the detail of something, so that I know it inside-out

C) I can look into the details when required but I am inspired by the bigger picture

Q4) How do you prefer to work on projects?

A) By myself or with a small group – it’s how I work best

B) I enjoy working alone and in a team – I don’t really mind

C) I prefer to be a part of a team

Q5) Do you have any experience with coding?

A) Yes, I especially enjoyed HTML/Javascript

B) Yes, I especially enjoyed Python

C)  Not yet, but I am interested in learning more about it!

Q6) How confident are you in dealing with customers?

A) I feel more confident working with the support of my team

B) I don’t mind dealing with customers, however, I prefer to tell a machine what to do

C) I really enjoy solving other people’s problems and talking to people


Now check out your results!

You answered A to most questions:

Every business needs software to function and software requires people who can build it. Your answers indicate that a career in Software Development could be a good fit for you. Continue to explore your interest by trying a Javascript course on FreeCodeCamp.org and check out this video to find out more about the role. Once you have done that, take a look at our SGUP-CT Jr Full-Stack Developer program.

You answered B to most questions:

Your answers fit the description of a Data Engineer. Data Engineers build and maintain the tech systems that enable companies to navigate huge amounts of data, smoothly and securely. It’s all about clear thinking, problem-solving and being ready to dive into the detail with your teammates. We would recommend trying some Python coding in the first instance — perhaps this introduction to Python on Codecademy and check out this video to find out more about the role. Once you have done that, take a look at our SGUP-CT Business Intelligence and Data Analyst program.

You answered C to most questions:

We think you would make a great Cloud Support and DevOps. Cloud Support and DevOps are important in supporting businesses to find cloud-based solutions for their challenges. It’s a creative role, with a lot of teamwork and problem-solving and check out this video to find out more about the role. Take a look at our SGUP-CT Cloud Support and DevOps program.