Generation honored as one of the top 100 social good organizations in the world

Geneva-based thedotgood has announced that Generation ranks 74th in their annual global list of the top 200 social good organizations.

Since 2012, thedotgood (formerly NGO Advisor) has been ranking the world’s most impactful NGOs in an effort to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the nonprofit sector. Generation debuts at #74 on the 2022 list, alongside other leading organizations like BRAC (#1), Junior Achievement (#6), Skoll Foundation (#11), CARE (#44), Teach for America (#79), the Global Fund (#88), and Grameen Foundation (#124), among others.

“Combating global unemployment, and breaking down its root causes, is more important than ever,” said Generation’s global CEO, Mona Mourshed. “Generation’s recognition as one of the world’s top social good organizations acknowledges the impressive work that our team, our partners, and our funders are doing to tackle this problem. We’re honored to be included alongside so many impactful organizations from around the world.”

Generation launched less than eight years ago, and in that time has scaled rapidly to meet the challenges of global unemployment — challenges that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. To date, Generation has more than 60,000 graduates across 16 countries. Within 3 months of program completion, 83% of graduates are placed in jobs and they see a 3–4x income increase over what they were making prior to Generation. We’ve worked with more than 8,500 employers, and 65% of graduates over the past 12 months have been hired by repeat employer partners. And Generation’s results are durable — two to five years after the program, 70% of alumni continue to meet daily financial needs, ~40% are saving for the future, and 81% are confident about their ability to achieve their professional goals.

Read more about Generation’s social impact on thedotgood.