Nadirah| Patient Service Associate

A single mom of two boys, and more recently, caring for her aging father, Nadirah hasn’t stopped working a day in her life. She was a manicurist for 15 years, a job that only offered her one day off per week (Sunday), and very low pay. She liked the work, but it felt unsustainable. She worked all through holidays, even Christmas. In the final years before her kids would leave home, she wanted to spend more time with them. “I knew I needed a change,” she told us.

Finding Inspiration During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, she was inspired by healthcare workers rallying to their communities. She realised this would be a perfect field for her to transition into.

She researched options and chose Patient Services Associate as a role to aim for. That’s when she found Generation.

While there were other programs for this line of work, Generation offered a shorter program duration and was free of charge – two crucial factors since her family relied on her income.

Working in a Meaningful Job

Nadirah very quickly found work in the emergency department of a local hospital, exactly the kind of role she had hoped for.

“I like helping people. A lot of family members would come, and they’d get very nervous. But, you talk to them, you help them, and they’re thankful. It’s a meaningful job.”

Her salary is also much higher now. She recently planned a vacation for her and the kids, something that hadn’t been possible in a very long time.

“I’m living more comfortably now. I’m in a stable place, financially. My kids see me a lot more at home now, so they are happy,” she told us.