Paroma Ray

Curriculum & Instruction Lead

Paroma is a compassionate and innovative educator with over 12 years of experience in communicative facilitation. She started her career as a trainer (women’s law) for government stakeholders in New Delhi, India and added Program Management to her portfolio soon after. As a Program Manager and then a Program Lead, Paroma led the research, advocacy and training wing with one of the leading non-profits in India. During this time, she designed and developed strategy for monitoring and implementation of the social legislations and led data analysis and reporting for this exercise which was the first one of its kind in the country. After a short break to take care of her family, Paroma transitioned from training and advocacy to education. She found her true calling as a teacher and an educator. Paroma has been consistently recognized for successfully creating blended learner centric classrooms and safe nurturing environments for learning for learners with a wide range of learning requirements. She has also worked with senior instructors and peers successfully coaching them in adult learning principles and transforming classrooms from being teacher led to learner centric.

Paroma is a feminist and is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in everything she does. She advocates for teachers’ work life balance and greater understanding of their contribution to society.

When not working, Paroma is either found with her cubs looking at rainbows, unicorns and monsters or reading. She loves deep conversations and a strong cup of chai.