Khairul Amirin bin Ahmad

Learner Success Associate

Khairul graduated from Murdoch University in Perth Western Australia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism studies in 2019. After returning to Singapore, he has always felt that he wants to form a connection with people. After working in stints in the customer service field, he felt the absolute need to pivot to a field that involves people development and empowerment.

Khairul then joined Generation in alignment of this new sense of calling and have felt a personal fulfilment ever since. Making the jump to Generation has thus far been the highlight of his 2021. Being a Learner Success Associate allows him to establish a direct connection with the learners he serves and he hopes that they achieve their life goals.

He is an avid supporter of Manchester United as well as the Dallas Cowboys. On a regular day, you can catch him talking about the games that the teams play as well as the video games that he plays which includes FIFA, Madden and DOTA. Khairul also is a linguaphile, who aims to learn the Spanish, Arabic and Hindi Languages within five years so that he can utilize these to travel the world and converse with people and learn more about their culture, the food and their history and experience. His guilty pleasure every now and then is to listen to classic Bollywood hits whilst riding on his motorcycle.